5-1: TEKS Practice

  • 1. Which net matches the given figure?

    A rectangular prism

    • A.

      possible net

    • B.

      possible net

    • C.

      possible net

  • 2. Identify the three-dimensional figure the given net forms.

    A net with one rectangle and a four isosceles triangles. The base of each triangle is attached to one side of the rectangle.

    • A. triangular pyramid

    • B. rectangular pyramid

    • C. cube

    • D. square pyramid

  • 3. Which of the following describes a net of the octagonal pyramid?

    A pyramid with an octagon as a base. Each side forms the base of an isosceles triangle as a lateral face.

    • A. one octagonal base and eight triangular lateral faces

    • B. one rectangular base and eight octagonal lateral faces

    • C. two octagonal bases and eight rectangular lateral faces

    • D. eight octagonal bases and eight rectangular lateral faces

  • 4. Jewelry Box A jewelry box has the shape of the net shown. Identify the shape of the jewelry box.

    A net with six squares. Four squares are arranged in a column. One square is attached to the right side of the second square. One square is attached to the left side of the third square.

    • A. cube

    • B. square pyramid

    • C. rectangular pyramid

    • D. rectangular prism

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