6-2: TEKS Practice

  • 1. An airplane on autopilot took 5 hours to travel 3,475 kilometers. What is the unit rate for kilometers per hour?

  • 2. What is the unit rate for meters per second if a car travels 374 meters in 17 seconds?

  • 3. In a week, 12 hens laid 48 eggs. What is the unit rate for eggs per hen?

  • 4. A package of 5 pairs of insulated gloves costs $29.45. What is the unit price of the pairs of gloves?

  • 5. You want to buy some rice. A 7-ounce package costs $2.59. A 12-ounce package costs $4.56. An 18-ounce package costs $6.30. Which package is the best buy?

  • 6. Population density is the number of people per unit of area. The population density of a certain region is 60 people per square kilometer. If the region covers 23 square kilometers, what is the population of the region?

  • 7. A store sells 12 cans of soup for $15. How much would it cost you to buy 7 cans of soup?

  • 8.

    • a. What is the unit rate for miles per gallon if you travel 460 miles on 20 gallons of fuel?

    • b. Describe another unit rate that you could find for this situation.

    • c. Explain the meaning of that unit rate.

  • 9. Writing During a thunderstorm yesterday, 600 millimeters of rain fell in 30 minutes.

    • a. What is the unit rate for millimeters per minute?

    • b. Describe a situation in which it would be useful to know this unit rate.

    • c. Explain why the unit rate would be useful.

  • 10. Error Analysis A contractor purchases 7 dozen pairs of padded work gloves for $103.32. He incorrectly calculates the unit price at $14.76 per pair for the expense report.

    • a. What is the correct unit price?

    • b. Why is the contractor's unit price incorrect?

      • A. The contractor uses subtraction rather than division to find the unit price.

      • B. The contractor uses multiplication rather than division to find the unit price.

      • C. The contractor's unit price is per glove, not per pair of gloves.

      • D. The contractor's unit price is per dozen pairs, not per pair of gloves.

  • 11. Fundraising The track team needs new uniforms. The students plan to sell plush toy tigers (the school mascot) for $5 each. The students find three companies online that sell stuffed mascots. Company A sells 12 tigers for $33.24. Company B sells 16 tigers for $44.80. Company C charges $41.10 for 15 tigers. Which company has the best buy?

  • 12. Reasoning A store sells a package of 25 trading cards for $5.25.

    • a. Explain how you can tell that the unit price per card is less than $1.

    • b. What is the unit price per card?

  • 13. Estimation A car takes 55.3 seconds to travel 1 mile.

    • a. How long does it take the car to travel 5.8 miles? Round to the nearest whole number to find the estimated answer.

    • b. Find the exact answer.

  • 14. Think About the Process At a little-known vacation spot, taxi fares are a bargain. A 36-mile taxi ride takes 42 minutes and costs $25.20. You want to find the cost of a 47-mile taxi ride. What unit price do you need?

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