Digits, Grade 7, Volume 1, Homework Helper

7-5: TEKS Practice

  • 1. List the pairs of corresponding angles and the proportion that relates the corresponding sides for the similar triangles. cap delta q r s tilde cap delta n o p

  • 2. In this figure, Quadrilateral ABCD is similar to Quadrilateral EFGH. What is fraction eh d , over e h end fraction in simplest form?

    Quadrilateral ABCD: side AB has length 4. Quadrilateral EFGH: side EF has length 10.

  • 3. Let cap delta d o t tilde cap delta p eh n . Find missing side x.

    Triangle DOT: side DO has length x, side TD has length 42 m. Triangle PAN: side PA has length 12 m, side NP has length 28 m.

  • 4.

    • a. Writing Suppose cap delta eh b c tilde cap delta x y z , m ∠ A = 87°, and m ∠ Y = 27°. Find the measures of ∠ B, ∠ C, ∠ X, and ∠ Z.

    • b. If each side of △ XYZ doubles in length, will the measures of its angles increase, decrease, or stay the same? Explain.

  • 5. w l g f tilde k y n q . Complete the statement.

  • 6. Error AnalysisABC and △ XYZ are similar triangles, fraction x y , over eh b end fraction . equals , 2 thirds and AC = 15. Aiden incorrectly says that the length of x z bar is about 23.

    • a. Find the length of x z bar .

    • b. What is Aiden's error?

      • A. He flipped the given ratio.

      • B. He subtracted the length of the side from the ratio.

      • C. He added the length of the side and the ratio.

      • D. He multiplied the length of the known side by 2.

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