8-3: Representing Linear Relationships

Key Concept

You can represent linear relationships using equations, verbal descriptions, tables and graphs.


y = 3x + 2

Verbal description

y is two more than three times x.

A coordinate graph of a line passing through (−1, −1), (0, 2), (1, 5), (2, 8).

Cost of a Dog Walk table. Row 1: Time = 5. Cost = 3: 5 min o ($0.20/(1 min)) + $2.

Part 1

Example Representing Real-World Situations With Graphs, Tables, and Equations

You are running a dog-walking business. You let clients purchase walks by the minute. You charge $2 plus $.20 per minute. Use a table, a graph, and an equation to represent the cost of a dog walk.


A coordinate graph of a linear relationship.

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