Digits, Grade 7, Volume 1, Homework Helper

2-7: TEKS Practice

  • 1. In a city, Building P is 405 feet taller than two times the height of Building Q. The height of Building P is 831 feet.

    • a. Which diagram and equation represents the problem?

      • A. Bar diagram

      • B. Bar diagram

      • C. Bar diagram

    • b. What is the height of Building Q?

  • 2. Find W if A = LW, A = 12 m2, and L = 4 m.

  • 3. The initial cost to rent a bike is $5. Each hour the bike is rented costs $1.50. Joey is going to rent a bike and can spend at most $11.00. Write and solve an inequality to find how long he can rent the bike.

  • 4. Reasoning A traffic helicopter ascends 129 meters more than two times its original height. This is 879 meters above the ground. Let h be the original height of the helicopter.

    • a. Write an addition equation to model the problem above.

    • b. What was the original height h of the helicopter?

    • c. Why would you use addition, instead of another operation, to model this situation?

  • 5. A 150-pound person burns 6.7 calories per minute when walking at a speed of 4 miles per hour. While walking, this person eats a snack that has 80 calories. This snack subtracts from the calories burned while walking. How long must the person walk at this speed to burn at least 210 calories? Round to the nearest whole number.

  • 6. How long will it take Kevin to drive 220 miles if he averages 40 miles per hour on the trip? Use the distance formula d = rt, where d represents distance, r represents rate, and t represents time, to find your answer.

  • 7. The formula A = LW represents the area of a rectangle.

    • a. Solve the equation 7 halves w equals , 7 eighths to find the width of the rectangle in inches.

    • b. Describe a situation when you could use this equation.

    • c. What does the value of W represent in your problem?

  • 8. The cost of a car rental is $40 per day plus 20 ยข per mile. You are on a daily budget of $92. Write and solve an inequality to find the greatest distance you can drive each day while staying within your budget.

  • 9. Substitute the values A = 77 mm2, b = 7 mm, and c = 4 mm into the formula eh equals , 1 half , h open b plus c close and solve for h.

  • 10. A group of 5 friends each have x action figures in their collections. Each friend buys 11 more action figures. Now the 5 friends have a total of 120 action figures.

    • a. Which equation models the problem?

      • A. 5x + 11 = 120

      • B. 11(x + 5) = 120

      • C. 5(x + 11) = 120

      • D. x + 55 = 120

    • b. Solve the equation. How many action figures did each friend start with?

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