• 11. Think About the Process Auditions for the next school play took place on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Only 12 students can be in the play. Each day, t students tried out. The number of students who tried out but did not get a role is 60.

    • a. Which diagram and equation represent the problem?

      • A. Bar diagram

      • B. Bar diagram

      • C. Bar diagram

    • b. Solve the equation to find the number of students who tried out on Thursday.

  • 12. Think About the Process The volume of the prism shown is 896 cm3.

    A rectangular prism of length 8 centimeters, width 7 centimeters, height x + 5 centimeters.

    • a. Write an equation for the volume V of the prism.

      • A. V = 7 + 8 + x + 5

      • B. V = (7)(8)(x + 5)

      • C. V = (7)(7)(x + 5)

      • D. V = (7)(8)(x − 5)

    • b. Solve the equation to find the value of x.

    • c. The height of the prism is cm.

  • 13. Challenge In 6 months, a shopkeeper spends $10,590 for rent, electricity, and water. Each month, he spends $1,500 for rent and $230 for electricity. How much does he spend for water each month?

    • a. Write an addition equation to model the problem.

    • b. Solve the equation.

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