Topic 12: Probability Concepts

12-1: Likelihood and Probability

Part 1


You can use words to describe the likelihood that an event will occur.

Likelihood of an event.

Example Describing the Likelihood of Events

Describe each event with one of the following words or phrases. Choose the one that best describes the likelihood that the event will occur.

Certain      Impossible      As Likely As      Likely      Unlikely

  • a. You will go swimming on a hot day this summer.

  • b. There will be children wearing costumes on Halloween.

  • c. Your hair will grow 5 inches in one day.

  • d. You flip a coin and it lands heads up.

  • e. A student in your class will become famous next year.


  • a.

  • b.

  • c.

  • d.

  • e.

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