6-4: TEKS Practice

  • 1. A rental car agency charges $240.00 per week plus $0.25 per mile to rent a car. How many miles can you travel in one week for $370.00?

  • 2. Given the perimeter of a rectangle is 98 in. and the width is 22 in., what is the length of the rectangle?

  • 3. An appliance store decreases the price of a 19-in. television set 25% to a sale price of $482.63. What was the original price? Round to the nearest cent.

  • 4. Reasoning Jim is paid $25 per hour at his job. He currently has $1,250 in his bank account. In order to go on a trip with his friends he needs to have $2,500.

    • a. How many hours over the next few weeks must he work until he reaches the amount needed to go on the trip?

    • b. If one of the three given dollar amounts changes, how would that change the number of hours that Jim must work?

  • 5. Open-Ended Dan takes an airplane to visit his parents. He pays the airline a total of $450. The cost of the ticket is $315. The airline also charges $15 for every pound that the luggage goes over the 50 pound limit.

    • a. How many pounds is Dan's luggage over the 50 pound limit?

    • b. Describe another situation using the same numbers.

  • 6. Danielle and Drew are sightseeing for the day. Between the two of them they take 77 pictures. Danielle takes 17 more than twice as many pictures as Drew.

    • a. How many pictures does Drew take?

    • b. How many pictures does Danielle take?

  • 7. The O’Briens are buying new windows for their house. The company installs the new windows for $2,250. The total cost for buying the windows and having them installed is $4,432.50. If the O’Briens pay $145.50 per window, how many windows did they buy?

  • 8. Think About the Process A family of 3 joins a gym. Each person pays $100 to join plus $10 per month. The family decides to stop going after they have paid $600 altogether.

    • a. Let x represent the total number of months. How could the equation be written?

      • A. 10x + 100 = 600

      • B. 3(10x) + 100 = 600

      • C. 10x + 3(100) = 600

      • D. 3(10x + 100) = 600

    • b. The family went to the gym for months.

  • 9. A rectangular athletic field is twice as long as it is wide. If the perimeter of the athletic field is 72 yards, what are its dimensions?

    • a. What is the width?

    • b. What is the length?

  • 10. Think About the Process Frank works at a company that sells magazine subscriptions. He gets paid $7 per subscription for the first 75 that he sells. After he sells 75 subscriptions he gets paid $12 for each one he sells. Frank makes $861 from selling the subscriptions.

    • a. Let x represent the additional subscriptions. Which equation could be used to solve this problem?

      • A. 7(75) + 12x = 525

      • B. 7(75) + 12x = 861

      • C. 7x + 12(75) = 525

      • D. 7x + 12(75) = 861

    • b. How many additional subscriptions does Frank sell after the first 75?

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