Digits, Grade 8, Volume 1, Homework Helper

2-8: TEKS Practice

  • 1. Samantha, Sam, and Bobby are trying to see who runs the fastest. Samantha says she can run 9 miles every hour. The table shows the relationship between total miles Sam ran and time. The following graph shows the relationship for Bobby. Who runs the fastest?

    A graph.

  • 2. Store G, Store H, and Store Z each design T-shirts. The equation y = 16x models the revenue for Store G, where y is the total revenue and x is the total number of T-shirts that are bought. The relationship between revenue and T-shirts bought for Store H is shown in the table. The line which shows the relationship between the revenue and T-shirts bought for Store Z passes through the points (0, 0) and (2, 32).

    • a. Which store charges more per T-shirt?

    • b. Graph each of the relationships and explain how you know which store charges the most without calculations.

  • 3. Writing A wholesale club sells eggs by the dozen.

    • a. Does the table show a proportional relationship between the number of dozens of eggs and the cost?

    • b. Which ratio would be more useful to someone going to the wholesale club, fraction cost , over dozen end fraction . or . fraction dozen , over cost end fraction . question mark Explain.

  • 4. Writing The line models the cost of trail mix. It costs $3 per pound plus 50¢ for the storage container.

    A graph.

    • a. Write an equation in slope-intercept form for the line where x is the number of pounds and y is the total cost.

    • b. How much does it cost for 3 pounds of trail mix?

    • c. Describe another situation that uses the same equation.

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