9-2: TEKS Practice

  • 1. The vertices of ΔABC are A(−5,4), B(−2,4), and C(−4,2). If ΔABC is reflected across the y-axis to produce the image ΔABC′, find the coordinates of the vertex C′.

  • 2. The vertices of trapezoid ABCD are A(3,−3), B(5,−3), C(6,−5), and D(1, −5). Draw a graph which shows ABCD and ABCD′ after a reflection across the y-axis.

  • 3.  

    • a. The vertices of ΔABC are A(−5,5), B(−2,4), and C(−2,3). Draw a graph which shows ΔABC and its reflection across the x-axis, ΔABC′.

    • b. Graph the reflection of ΔABC′ across the y-axis.

  • 4. 

    • a. Writing Which of the figures are reflections of the parallelogram ABCD?

      A graph of four parallelograms.

    • b. Describe the reflections in words.

  • 5. Reasoning One image of ΔABC is ABC′.

    A graph of triangles ABC and A´B´C´.

    • a. How do the x-coordinates of the vertices change?

    • b. How do the y-coordinates of the vertices change?

    • c. What type of reflection is the image ΔABC′?

  • 6. Think About the Process

    A graph of trapezoids ABCD and A´B´C´D´.

    • a. What is true about a figure and an image created by a reflection? Select all that apply.

      • A. They are the same size.

      • B. The figure and the image are the same shape.

      • C. Each point on the image has the same x-coordinate as the corresponding point in the figure.

      • D. Each point on the image moves the same distance and direction from the figure.

    • b. One image of ABCD is ABCD′. What type of reflection is the image ABCD′?

  • 7. Error Analysis Your friend incorrectly says that the reflection of ΔEFG to its image ΔEFG′ is a reflection across the x-axis.

    A graph of triangles EFG and E´F´G´.

    • a. What is the correct description of the reflection?

    • b. What is your friend′s mistake?

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