Part 1

Example Recognizing Dilations

Choose the transformation that is a dilation.

First transformation.

Second transformation.

Third transformation.


ΔABC′ is the image of ΔABC after a dilation with center (0, 0) and scale factor 2.

Solution: second transformation. (0, 0) is the center of dilation.

Part 2


An enlargement is a dilation with a scale factor greater than 1. After an enlargement, the image is bigger than the original figure.

An enlargement of rectangle ABCD with vertices A(0, 2), B(3, 2), C(3, 0), and D(0, 0) to rectangle A´B´C´D´ with vertices A´(0, 6), B´(9, 6), C´(9, 0), and D´(0, 0). D = D´. Scale factor = 3.

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