Unit E: Measurement and Data

Topic 11: Scatter Plots

11-1: Interpreting a Scatter Plot

Key Concept

A scatter plot is a graph that uses points to display the relationship between two different sets of data. Each point can be represented by an ordered pair.

A scatter plot: Ages and Diameters of Trees. The x-axis represents the ages of the trees (in years). The y-axis represents the diameters of the trees (in inches). There are 21 points plotted from 20 to 50 on the x-axis and from 4 to 11 on the y-axis, one point is labeled (25, 8).

This scatter plot shows the relationship between the ages and diameters of various trees.

Consider the point (25, 8). This point represents a tree that is 25 years old and has a diameter of 8 inches.

The data might have been collected in a table. Each point represents the age and diameter of a tree.

The scatter plot has labeled points (20, 5.5), (40, 9), and (50, 11).

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