11-1: TEKS Practice

  • 1. Multiple Representations

    A scatter plot: Baseball.

    • a. Which point on the scatter plot represents a baseball player who had 267 at-bats and 76 hits?

    • b. Give another description of that point.

  • 2. A scatter plot: Rainfall. x-axis: Duration (minutes). y-axis: Amount of Rain (millimeters). There are 9 points plotted from 25 to 50 on the x-axis and from 8 to 21 on the y-axis. Point (40, 12) is indicated.

    • a. Writing What does the indicated point on the scatter plot represent?

    • b. Explain why it is possible for two storms to have the same duration but produce different amounts of rain.

  • 3. What do the indicated points on the scatter plot represent?

    A scatter plot: Fuel Economy. x-axis: Horsepower. y-axis: Average Gas Mileage (miles per gallon). There are 11 points plotted from 120 to 240 on the x-axis and from 16 to 28 on the y-axis. Indicated points: A at (120, 28) and B at (220, 17).

  • 4. Error Analysis On a quiz, Beck needed to find the point on the scatter plot that represents a bag that contains 4 books and weighs 3 pounds. He incorrectly claimed that point F represents that bag.

    A scatter plot: Bag Weights.

    • a. What is the correct point?

    • b. What mistake might Beck have made?

      • A. He found the correct first coordinate but the incorrect second coordinate.

      • B. He reversed the first and second coordinates.

      • C. He found the correct second coordinate but the incorrect first coordinate.

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